Review of “It Works” by RHJ

A very old friend of mine once gave me a small pamphlet that I carried around for years inside my checkbook.  It was a positive mental thinking article that outlines how to focus on your objectives and obtain your goals.  I found it when I was reorganizing my library shelves and thought I would write-up a little summary.

IT WORKS. anonymous (Published by De Vorss & Co. 1926)

Executive Summary

A concise, definite, resultful plan with rules, explanations and suggestions for bettering your condition in life.

  1. Know exactly what you really want.  This is the first and most important step. (Identify)
  2. Tune in to your mind and call upon your thoughts to create a vision of accomplishing or obtaining your desire. (Objectify)
  3. The Plan (Action). Review daily and make corrections, updates and changes.
  4. Read the list of objectives out loud at least 3 times a day (Repetition).
  5. Dwell on the list as often as possible (Focus)
  6. Do not worry and over analyze how you are going to accomplish your goals, just focus on having them. (Attraction)

Good luck.


“Nothing can prevent your having that which you earnestly desire. ” That’s it in a nutshell.

Five S’s for Success

Robert, my son, and I have developed a 5 step strategy for success that can be applied to goal setting and meeting personal objectives.  Here are the 5 S’s and I will follow up with a brief history of where I learned about these ideas.

1.  Speed

2. Simplicity

3. Self-Confidence

4. Smarts

5. Strength

Robert uses these 5 words to simplify his thoughts and reduce his stress when playing ball and learning at school.  I learned these principles when working for GE in the 1990’s in Cincinnati, OH.  As a new manager, my mentor, John Kerinuk, taught use these principles when growing our business unit and applying these concepts during our project deliveries.

If someone applies these words to their thinking and personal branding, most of their goals will be realized by conceptualizing their activities and obtaining their objectives.

Hope this helps.