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Bryan E. Wilson has built his career providing strategic planning, implementation, and delivery of professional services.

His ability to grasp the big picture, yet follow through with the small details has allowed him to help many clients accomplish their short- and long-term goals.

Working with business leaders to grow organizations that produce sustainable financial results, Bryan has taken his Fortune 500 experience with GE, IBM, Sun Microsystems and AT&T to apply strategies with emerging technology to drive P&L objectives.

Bryan graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1984 with an AA in Liberal Arts and in 1987 received his Bachelor’s in Social Sciences.  Bryan is continuing his graduate work at the University of London’s School of Economics and Political Science.

Specialties: Organizational Development, Team Building, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Business Development, Marketing, Strategic IT Outsourcing, and Consulting.

Bee Attitudes

This is a series on business ethics and personal integrity that I developed for students a few years ago. There shouldn’t be a delineation between your work and your personal life. Character becomes your foundation upon which your business reputation and your integrity is based.

Use these concepts and apply them to your daily work and personal life choices. You will be amazed at the results.

My “Bee-Attitudes”:

1. Be straight and clear
Be honest and tell the truth in your language with others. Use simple and direct words that demonstrate integrity and poise.
By demonstrating integrity you never manipulate others or distort facts in order to spin the truth to gain an advantage.

– Use phrases such as:
Here’s what I think….
I suggest we take this approach…
From my perspective…
This is what I understand the situation to be…

– Use words to hurt people’s feelings or cloud the situation:
Spinning the facts…
Posturing or positioning by being manipulative…
Using double-talk or  “Corporate-ese”
Technically telling the truth but leaving the wrong impression…

2. Be Respectful
Genuinely care for others. Show you care by giving people the dignity that they deserve especially those who can’t do anything FOR you. Don’t fake caring.

– Use simple heartfelt phrases in your conversations such as:
I respect your opinion…
Thanks for all you’re doing…
What do you think?…
I appreciate your input…

Faking respect or concern is phony and pathetic. Kissing up to gain an advantage will only take you so far and ultimately backfire. There are hundreds of examples in history where insincerity loses and integrity wins.

3. Be transparent
Being genuine and real with your actions can have lasting consequences. Full disclosure when possible without having hidden agendas allows you to display empathy and truthfulness in your relationships that build trust. Research has shown that trust is THE most critical element of any relationship.

– Use phrases which lend to full disclosure:
My intent is…
The facts as I understand them to be…
I am happy to share whatever I can without betraying any corporate or personal confidence..

Pretending to be someone or something you are not.
Having hidden agendas…
Posturing for an unfair advantage…

4. Be remorseful
Quickly right your wrongs with people.  No one’s perfect and we make mistakes. When we do something wrong, quickly try to personally apologize and get back on an even footing with the other person. Being sincere and humble when you have done something wrong will allow you to quickly move forward without having to divert time from your goals and objectives.

– Don’t delay in your apologies:
I’m sorry…
It’s my fault…
What can I do to make this right?..

Hiding your mistakes and covering up.

5. Be loyal
Being a good team player means giving credit to others and understanding that no one can succeed alone. Even sports like tennis and golf require coaching and preparation before performance. Loyalty to others goes hand pin hand with humility. You can’t take all the credit, all the time, and expect people to beat a path to your door to make you successful. What’s in it for them? Being loyal to others allows them to also be loyal to you.

– Use phrases like,
You really helped us get the award…
Thank you for your contribution..
I want to credit the team on this victory…

“Me, me, me, is dull, dull, dull” is a quote that I heard Barbara Bush would tell her children.
Taking credit gets boring
Gossip kills loyalty. Don’t gossip, ever.

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