Simple Choices

Hilton Head Island, SC – “Simple Choices”

Never underestimate the importance of simple choices.

Aristotle said that excellent outcomes were the good decisions of many alternatives.

Choices matter.




Hilton Head Island, SC – “Extraordinary”

There is extraordinary beauty in ordinary life. You just have to experience it for yourself. 

The simplicity; the symmetry and the surreal.




PS. My good friend and collaborator Luis Mendoza will begin posting with me. To my friends and readers; I can’t thank you all enough for your encouragement.

Daily Stamina

Kennesaw, GA – “Daily Stamina”

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out“.

– Robert Collier, Author

Every choice or decision you make takes you either toward your dreams or away from them.  Your thoughts manifest into words and actions. Choose your thoughts carefully.

Practice stepping outside your body and looking at yourself and current situation objectively like an actor in a movie. That’s how others see you. Are you setting a good example? Are you making good decisions? Are you saying the right things?

Like my mentor, #John Kerinuk, used to tell me, “use your words as if they might be part of a deposition or on the front page of the New York Times”. 



Love is easier

Marietta, GA – “Love is easier”

I have decided to stick with love.

Hate is too great a burden to bear“.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Holding a grudge or hating someone takes energy. Energy that isn’t productive or useful. Forgiveness is easier. 

Shout out today for Andre Pereira. A Brazilian that shows compassion and love toward everyone. Following his example is easy. 



Never too late!

Hilton Head Island, SC – “Never too late

“It is never too late to be what you might have been”. – “George Eliot” aka Mary Ann Evans (1819-1880)

Make today your best day. Don’t wait to become a better you. Make choices in the present that you will be proud of.




Hilton Head Island, SC – “Your standards forecast your standing“.

We have all set the standards that we live by. Set high standards for yourself that you aspire to. Surround yourself with others who share similar standards.

Today’s shout out goes to Scott McMasters. His leadership style encourages everyone on his team to have fun while working hard. Winning is more fun. Yes?



Make your days count

Marietta, GA – “Make your days count. Don’t count your days!”

Trevor Moawad wrote a terrific book called, “Getting to Neutral”. Trevor was battling cancer in his middle 40’s when he wrote this book with his best friend and NFL All-Pro, Russell Wilson. The premise of his book is that we can’t really live if we don’t live in the now. Golfer Greg Norman calls it, “Do it now, Do it proper”. Repetitive activities done well become habits which continues the flywheel effect and the momentum continues. This is quite different from “positive thinking”. It’s the absence of “negative thinking”. There is a difference. Trevor’s training centered on focusing on the task at hand as being neither “positive” or “negative”. The present situation is what it is. We have to make decisions and choices in the present moment. Will our thoughts and actions move us toward our objectives or away from them?

Doing what you need to do in the present has been misinterpreted as modern stoicism. Trevor would disagree. He passed away at 48 after impacting thousands of people with his mental training and conditioning for elite organizations like the Universities of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. My challenge to you is to live every moment in the present. The past is the past.  Learn from it and move on. The future is not determined. Don’t dwell on a future that is so far out as to become more dreams and fantasy than obtainable. A long distance runner can dream of marathons but unless he trains in the present, he will never be able to compete competitively for a full 26 miles. Every worthwhile goal in life is made up of many incremental steps that must be done to reach a successful completion.

1.- Trevor taught elite athletes how to hyper focus on executing at the highest levels by performing well incrementally.

2.- Living in the present moment is the only way to achieve your goals and objectives. 

3.- Every moment should be seen as an opportunity to move incrementally toward fulfilling your purpose.