“Be Contagious”

Marietta, GA – Be contagious today

1. Share a smile with a stranger

2. Encourage a colleague 

3. Apologize for a mistake 

Friend, take the initiative today and draw people to the good inside of you. You always have a choice to do good will.

Thanks everyone for the kind birthday wishes! Today’s post was inspired by the poison oak I picked up at my property last week. If you were to become “contagious ” would you want to expose others to the good within you?  


Wisdom given to a younger you

Kennesaw, GA – If you could go back and talk to yourself when you were a teenager, what would you say to yourself? Would you change some things in your life?  

We learn from our experiences, and grow from the relationships that are shared with others. Love yourself and share your love with others. Be a good example.

Send me a note. It would be great to hear from you.


Bryan Wilson 


A man is the author of his own life

Kennesaw, GA – A man is the author of his own life. -Anon

One of the blessings of being an American citizen is the concept of self determination guaranteed in our Constitution. Our founders felt that the freedom to pursue personal liberty is a right given from God and confirmed in our American citizenship.  

For those of us blessed to be born in America, don’t let this right be squandered. Be the author of your life. Pursue your happiness and share it with others. Be a net contributor to the grand American experiment and not just a consumer of the blessings we have been given. 


To your happiness!


Special shoutout to #PatGartland, a Vietnam vet who loves America and has dedicated his life to promoting good will to all.