Kennesaw, GA – “Momentum”

p = (m)(v)

“In physics, the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity

In your life, let the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) work as it is designed to. The flywheel of action will create the momentum whether positive or negative.

Action is everything, whereas inaction is nothing

-Bryan E Wilson

Higher Standards

Marietta, GA – “Higher Standards”

Live by that same standard to which you have attained.
Are your standards high? Are you a have, or a have not?
Your choices determine your life.
” – BEW

Think about this quick equation…

Productive Action and Activities promote Confidence and add Value

+(a) +/- (-b) = (c)

Positive thoughts/activities
Negative thoughts/activities
Growth or Decline of Self Confidence or Self Worth

Applying physics and the 80/20 Rule, we experience the flywheel effect which will create momentum whether positive or negative.

Please understand that by removing the negative thoughts and activities the growth in self-confidence will increase without as much effort as you think. Growth can happen by removing the negativity and/or adding positive actions. Let me know if you have positive results.



Confidence grows!

Marietta, GA – “Confidence grows within us!

Confidence is about doing something without feeling any self-doubt at all!

Like exercising, the more you apply confidence to your tasks, the more confident you become.

-Bryan Wilson

Gran frase de Thomas Paine

Cincinnati, OH – Gran cita de Thomas Paine

El mundo es mi país,

Toda la humanidad son mis hermanos,

Y hacer el bien es mi religión“.

Thomas Paine

Período de la Revolución Americana (1776 – 1783)

Nosotros podemos contribuir a nuestro mundo cuando pensamos más allá de nuestros propios intereses personales, y vamos por algo más grande; un propósito mayor.

Hoy puedes ayudar a cambiarle la vida a otra persona y tú mismo serás bendecido. Así que, pruébalo; simplemente pruébalo.

#FometoLaExcelencia #Excepcionalidad #Excelencia #ViveEnExcelencia #Extraordinario

Tu amigo,


¿Qué se nos exige?

Cincinnati, OH – ¿Qué se exige de nosotros?

Una maravillosa cita de Miqueas en el Antiguo Testamento que debería animarte a la ACCIÓN hoy es:

               “… oh hombre, lo que es bueno. ¿Y qué es lo que demanda el SEÑOR de ti, sino solo practicar la justicia, amar la misericordia, y andar humildemente con tu Dios?” – Miqueas 6:8

Emplea tu día en tomar buenas decisiones y contribuir a un cambio positivo para nuestro mundo.

#FometoLaExcelencia #Excepcionalidad #Excelencia #ViveEnExcelencia

Tu amigo,


July 4th “America the Beautiful”

Marietta,  GA – July 4th “America the Beautiful”

If you are fortunate enough to have been born in (or to have immigrated to) the United States, then you should embrace the burden of privilege from living in a free society where private property and the pursuit of happiness are still admired around the world.

The USA has its own share of problems and issues but the grand experiment that was launched in the late 18th century is still rolling along.  

Take this moment to embrace the privilege you have been given to make this country better and to give back to your local community to those who may be struggling to thrive in the greatest country ever imagined. 

No country is perfect but perfection is a process and not a condition.  We should put our intelligent minds and communal efforts into building a even freer society where liberty is celebrated and and even sacrificed for. 



To your success, 


PS. Shout out to Alan Pair, a Georgia Bulldog, that we saw at supper club on Friday. What a hilarious evening! Thank you to Jeff and Jeanie for hosting!

Simple Choices

Hilton Head Island, SC – “Simple Choices”

Never underestimate the importance of simple choices.

Aristotle said that excellent outcomes were the good decisions of many alternatives.

Choices matter.




Hilton Head Island, SC – “Extraordinary”

There is extraordinary beauty in ordinary life. You just have to experience it for yourself. 

The simplicity; the symmetry and the surreal.




PS. My good friend and collaborator Luis Mendoza will begin posting with me. To my friends and readers; I can’t thank you all enough for your encouragement.

Daily Stamina

Kennesaw, GA – “Daily Stamina”

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out“.

– Robert Collier, Author

Every choice or decision you make takes you either toward your dreams or away from them.  Your thoughts manifest into words and actions. Choose your thoughts carefully.

Practice stepping outside your body and looking at yourself and current situation objectively like an actor in a movie. That’s how others see you. Are you setting a good example? Are you making good decisions? Are you saying the right things?

Like my mentor, #John Kerinuk, used to tell me, “use your words as if they might be part of a deposition or on the front page of the New York Times”. 



Love is easier

Marietta, GA – “Love is easier”

I have decided to stick with love.

Hate is too great a burden to bear“.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Holding a grudge or hating someone takes energy. Energy that isn’t productive or useful. Forgiveness is easier. 

Shout out today for Andre Pereira. A Brazilian that shows compassion and love toward everyone. Following his example is easy.