Personal 100 year plan

Marietta, GA – Personal 100 year plan


The Japanese companies develop 100-year succession plans and we should too. When you have children, you begin to realize that the world is more than just us and our tiny footprint that we take up on earth. We become less selfish and think about the big picture. Or at least we should think about why being a contributor is more important than being a consumer of the many blessings we have been given.

Reading George Friedman and his ideas on the next 100 years got me thinking that we should develop a personal 100-year plan. We will probably not be alive in 100 years but we can develop the foundation that our children and our children’s children will inherit when we are gone.

Take some quiet time and carefully think about what you would like to be remembered for in 100 years when your family has a reunion.

What would you like to leave for them to remember you for?

woman-in-sweater-laying-on-dried-maple-leaves-694445Many famous families create private offices to manage wealth for the next generation and beyond. As a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) I have been taught to give my children a good education and the resources to contribute to our society and not only be a consumer of material things.

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“Edit your future” today

Marietta, GA – “Edit your future” today.

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I wrote about incrementalism a while ago and was talking to a friend about and why our online reputation is becoming so important today.  When I say, “Edit your future” I mean to take actions today to build and polish your personal brand before we become known for our social score and digital footprint.  Carefully make personal choices that will increase your personal brand rather than detract from the hard work you have done to become an influencer.  Choose your daily actions and decisions carefully.

We need to understand that our actions can live on in cyberspace whether we want them to or not.  When we post, paste, or vent on social media it becomes a permanent part of our reputation.  We have read about athletes and actors who have posted immature and inappropriate things on Twitter only to see them resurface years later when they have gone on to become successful.


We need to understand that our choices today affect our personal lives tomorrow. Editing your future!

The Chinese government has implemented a social scoring system what will eventually come to the US.  Not only will our social media activity be collected, stored and analyzed but our credit scores, civil records, educational accomplishments, and professional activities will be available to big data algorithms that will stack rank us against our peers and neighbors.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.




Consumer or Contributor?


Senior managers often have to make hard choices when it comes to staffing levels and meeting company goals and objectives.

The question that I asked myself when doing reviews is, “Is this employee a net consumer or contributor?”

Does the employee contribute to the bottom line more than he or she consumes? If an employee is honest, he will know whether or not he helps to contribute revenue and gross margin at a higher level than his salary and benefits cost the organization.

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the same question.  You cannot be net neutral.  If you think you are, then you are costing the company more than you are worth.


To your success,


Incrementalism – The Flywheel Effect


When we develop good habits, it conditions our thinking to do things in a certain way to get the positive outcomes that we want or expect.

Incrementalism shows us that doing things with purpose encourages good practices which tend to cause things to continue to get better. Making small decisions well every day propel us forward.  If the flywheel slows, it eventually stops and we begin slipping backward.

Jim Collins talks about this in his book, Good to Great; “The Flywheel and the Doom Loop”.

It’s a great book that’s required reading for executives and entrepreneurs.

green-leafy-plant-starting-to-grow-on-beige-racks-127713No matter how dramatic the end result, good-to-great transformations never happen in one fell swoop. Rather, the process resembles relentlessly pushing a giant, heavy flywheel, turn upon turn, building momentum until a point of breakthrough, and beyond”.



To your success,

Bryan Wilson

Know yourself before trying to understand others


People are complicated animals to understand and this applies to folks we work with and live with. I am a Technologist who studied Social Sciences, so I am not a psychologist or faith healer.

I believe that we can understand and manage our environment when we apply integrated thinking and drill down to what “IS” the reality of ourselves and our environment. Not as we wish or hope it to be but what it “IS” and how we can make good choices and decisions to improve our sphere of influence whether is it our network of family, friends, and associates.


To become “enlightened” is to better understand ourselves including our gifts and limitations as we interact with others.


Bryan Wilson

3 human qualities that every boss loves


There are 3 qualities in individuals that every boss loves to have on their team:

1. Character – finding team members with high ethical standards is the foundation of being a great team member. Having integrity can never be overestimated.

2. Confidence – when competence and training are well executed, confidence will grow and provide better execution and delivery of everyone’s duties.

3. Charisma – charm, and charisma go hand-in-hand. Sometimes overlooked, when team members are friendly and empathetic, the team environment will flourish.


Are you contributing Character, Confidence, and Charisma to your team in executing your team’s goals and objectives?

Every day, work hard to improve and deliver better results than the previous day. This continuous improvement in the little things will prepare you to take on bigger responsibilities.

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Bryan Wilson

8 powerful transformations of extraordinarily successful people

sunset-beach-people-sunrise-40815Have you ever thought or wondered at some point in your life, what do successful people do?

There are 8 powerful transformations, habits, patterns or things that extraordinarily successful people do, which will help you get the best version of yourself.

1.- They reprogram and understand how the mind works.  Your internal dialogue, knowing how to communicate with your mind is vital.


2.- They have a powerful mind control of the images they project and the words they say to themselves.

Your mind only responds to two things:

+ To the images, you make in your head

+ To the words, you say to yourself

3.- They are familiar (accustomed) with the unknown. Your primitive brain always returns to what is familiar, the detail is when:

+ Known = Negative

+ Unknown = Positive

This is why people (including myself) get stuck in the comfort zone and mediocrity, avoiding doing the unknown for fear of failure or fear of change.


4.- They do what they don’t like or hate first. The secret to success is doing what scares you first or to perform first those difficult tasks that are often left for tomorrow or postponed (procrastination).

5.- They take imperfect mass action – Executing or taking action every day in the direction of your goals is the key and the habit you have to develop.

6.- They delay instant (immediate) gratification for long-term (future) benefits. You have to love and enjoy the process.

7.- They know and have the primordial belief of “I Am Enough“. It is about knowing that YOU ARE SUFFICIENT, that God has given you EVERYTHING to succeed in life.

This will allow you to love yourself and regain your self-confidence.

8.- They can deal with rejection and criticism. If you want to succeed in life, you have to be immune to rejection and criticism.

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Bryan Wilson

Do you want to win in 2020?

Of course!


If you want to have the best year and the start of the greatest decade of your life. You should focus on the following goals (I recommend you to check the first two Goals for winning in 2020).

3.- Block time for social networks.

It means you should never pick your phone randomly and scroll through Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. Also, ever you should never just randomly pick your phone to check email.

Let me put this in perspective, for example, the average daily time spent only on Facebook is 58 minutes, according to a study by SimilarWeb.

Time on facebook

The power to spend 58 minutes during a year only on Facebook is equal to 44 workdays in a year.

Did you know about this? Are you surprised?

This is so simple, no matter if you are an influencer on social media or building a brand for your business or have a personal brand, you should never pick your phone randomly and scroll through social media, you have to schedule it. Just not waste time!

If you want to know more about the average daily time on social media, click here.

4.- Every day you need to ask yourself the following question. If I had to double… the thing I am doing what would I do? How?

The mentality and importance of asking how would I dramatically increase this thing will force you to realize what is essential and what is not essential to work with excellence daily and be more productive. The idea is to delegate the things that let you focus on another thing.

group-of-people-sitting-indoors-31842915.- Find a mentor, a tribe or a mastermind group.

The environment is so vital and very important for your success. Let me remember to Jim Rohn “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

You should talk with leaders (people that are where you want to be) every single week about your performance, goals, strategies, mindset, performance towards those goals.

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Bryan Wilson

Goals for winning in 2020

The simplest thing for winning in this new decade is to have a higher intention and deeper discipline. However, you should build habits around these goals.

1.- Quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

You should never start a Monday without clarity about what happens by Friday. Otherwise, you are going to lose a lot of time. Keeping a schedule is so important. Don’t just make goals, plan time to make progress towards them.


Daily you need to ask yourself, what are the primary things that would I love to achieve?

Keep in mind always to execute or take action!

 2.- Morning work preparation.

Even if your day is already scheduled, you need to look at your goals for the day and ask this simple question.

How could I fulfill this day with excellence?

Remember the motivational quote “Good – Better – Best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best”. This commitment to continuous improvement should inspire all strive to improve ourselves every day.

The idea is literally to look at the day know what you want of the day and then close your eyes and visualize the successful completion of the day. It means to visualize, think or meditate on each of the major activities of the day and ask yourself, how could I do that with real authenticity and excellence?


The mission is to have mindfulness, visualization, thoughtfulness about how you are going to win the day.

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Bryan Wilson

Why attention is important for you or your business

The world’s population is around 8 billion (if you need the exact number check here). It means our world is a crowded place, were all vying for attention. Everyone in any way is competing to get the most possible attention for ourselves or our business.

attention-1024x536I consider 100% that attention is the singular most important asset for anybody trying to achieve anything. It does not matter who you are, where you live or what do you do, not matter. Yesterday, now and tomorrow, no matter when. If you want to create anything you need one’s attention.

Understand what the consumer is doing this second is so crucial. The customer service is critical for any business. So, our focus should only care about the end consumer. It means to understand their behaviors and where is their attention.

The way or how to get your business the most attention possible in 2020 is building a Brand.

It is simple “If you are not building a brand, you will NOT relevant”.

people-holding-their-phones-3184435I believe that a brand over search will transform your business, for example, let’s go to think for a moment in a decade when somebody needs you. People will be in their house, kitchen, office, car or wherever, and they will say to any voice device or voice machine (like Alexa, Google, Apple, or whoever wins) “I need an architect”.

The big question is, what are you going to do that?

We are at a massive crossroads in technology where a personal brand is not some goofy thing or some audacious thing or something we look down on or do not care about it.

So, I highly recommend everybody to pay attention to build a brand because is going to be the only thing that matters.

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