Dave Ramsey on Building a Successful Business

Entrepreneur-pictureMoney Management expert, Dave Ramsey has given valuable advice to entrepreneurs looking to get their feet wet with a new business idea.  According to Ramsey, too many talented individuals fail in this effort because they act too hastily.  To all you big thinkers, Ramsey suggests to start working on it part-time, after coming home from work.  Taking on part-time work in addition to a full-time job can be a challenging and tiring task, but according to Ramsey, it is much easier than losing everything to an idea that didn’t work out.  Eventually, once you begin generating steady income sufficient to cover your bills, then it’s time to begin considering making it a full-time job.  Remember: some of the best multi-million dollar companies started out in someone’s garage!

What has your experience been with acting upon a new business venture? I would love to hear from you.  As always, remember to encourage excellence!


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