July 4th “America the Beautiful”

Marietta,  GA – July 4th “America the Beautiful”

If you are fortunate enough to have been born in (or to have immigrated to) the United States, then you should embrace the burden of privilege from living in a free society where private property and the pursuit of happiness are still admired around the world.

The USA has its own share of problems and issues but the grand experiment that was launched in the late 18th century is still rolling along.  

Take this moment to embrace the privilege you have been given to make this country better and to give back to your local community to those who may be struggling to thrive in the greatest country ever imagined. 

No country is perfect but perfection is a process and not a condition.  We should put our intelligent minds and communal efforts into building a even freer society where liberty is celebrated and and even sacrificed for. 



To your success, 

Bryan bryanewilson@gmail.com

PS. Shout out to Alan Pair, a Georgia Bulldog, that we saw at supper club on Friday. What a hilarious evening! Thank you to Jeff and Jeanie for hosting!