Key West, FL – Kindness

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”

Aesop (620-564 BC)

Greek philosopher

If you adhere to the ancient thought that nothing is accidental or random but everything has a purpose, then you will definitely agree with this quote from Aesop.

We are living in the world of Big Data and Quantum computing today. The algorithm of life’s complexity is proving that everything is affected by cause and effect. If we have a large enough blockchain we will know that nothing happens without modifying the future. Noodle on that for a few minutes.



Pay it forward

Kennesaw, GA – Pay it forward

Catherine Ryan Hyde wrote a brilliant novel that was based on a middle school student that was given an assignment by his social studies teacher to change the world.

The plan that the main character, Trevor, presented would be to create a flywheel effect of kindness by helping 3 other people in some big way. The 3 disconnected strangers, would each do the same again for 3 other random people and to have this process repeat over and over creating a better world.

We need folks to initiate such a plan today. Challenge yourself and a friend to do a few random acts of kindness this week for strangers that have no reason to expect anything from you.

If they ask why you might want to help them just mention that you are only paying forward kindness that you have been shown by someone else.

I would love to hear any reactions you might receive.