Life choices

Marietta, GA – Choices create Consequences

Every time we make a conscious decision in the present moment we change the path of our life. Our actions either bring us closer to our desires or away from them. And if we have no ambition at all, and do absolutely nothing, we will experience physical, emotional and spiritual entropy.

Studies show that the exceptional few, the overachievers, execute their daily lives with focus and determination. Successful people are proactive and deliberate in the present moment making good choices that take them to their goals incrementally.

When we make poor decisions, we have to correct mistakes and get back to the path towards success. String enough good choices together and it gets easier to continue along the desired path. This is the flywheel effect that comes from good, incremental decision making.

Keep reminding yourself that making good choices, however small and seemingly insignificant, will create confidence to continue approaching your goals.

LIFE is a continuous stream of choices that define what we become.



1 Question

Using customer satisfaction surveys are all the rage these days and the folks at Harvard who study  these things determined that using just a few very concise questions were enough to get to the heart of a solution.  The same goes with our own lives.  Once we know our core principles, we can continually ask ourselves, “is what I am doing right now getting me closer to my goal(s) or further away?”  Wow, how would our lives change if we asked that one simple question over and over as we go about our daily lives?  Think about it.
Remember that encouraging excellence in others is a very worthy effort by all of us.