We are what we do every day!

Are you happy with your life? Do you like it?

If not, you need to change what you do daily.

We are what we do every day. So, we are all things, activities, habits, and thoughts we repeatedly do.

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” —Aristotle

#Encourage Excellence


Stop whining and start winning

Tampa, FL – Stop whining and start winning

Winners create a mindset that happens when incremental choices become their being. Winners might lose a big game, miss an important shot or even have a business fail. But winners don’t make excuses or whine, they learn from mistakes or failures and grow. They analyze what to work on and focus on becoming better for when the opportunity comes again.

Winners expect a positive result and do not rely on hope. They create their own destiny by incremental improvements every single day. Start winning and stop whining.


To your success,


Overcoming Fear

Marietta,  GA: Overcoming Fear is Courage

I was rereading Jack London’s classic, White Fang and the recurring theme of fear, courage and struggle which is depicted so clearly and beautifully.  

We develop courage when we confront our fears and adversity.  Life can be harsh at times, focusing on being on task in the moment which grounds our thinking. Don’t let anxiety and fear take root. 




Kennesaw, GA – Relationomics

“Facebook is everyone else’s highlight reel.”

– Dr. Randy Ross

Dr. Ross presented his latest book at a luncheon in Marietta, GA in 2020 and I was able to speak with him afterwards. Our relationships are found beyond our physical reach as Facebook has shown us. We watch others, others watch us. Developing strong bonds with a few good relationships can extend way beyond just “who you know” to include “who knows you”, and your reputation via relationships.



PS. Bryan Jostworth is more than a great brother in law. He’s also a terrific role model in being a great relationship builder. I have quietly watched his integrity over thirty years and can say with certainty that we are known by our relationships and not by words alone.

Virtue and Veracity

Kennesaw, GA – Virtue and Veracity

“Lead boldly, shine brightly.”

We admire these two traits in good leaders.  Who do you know that displays these characteristics?

Have you told them?

#Encourage Excellence


ps. Today’s shout is to Terry Sellers at AT&T. Terry incorporates an attitude of winning with a veracity to lead others well.

Confidence, not fear

Marietta, GA- “Confidence, not fear”

CONFIDENCE is the triumph of action over thought. No FEAR!

This post goes out to my good friend, Mark Gallagher, who embodies the “Confidence, No Fear” lifestyle. I’ve known Mark for several years and he encourages me every time we meet. His confidence is so contagious because he follows his internal moral compass that gives him the direction that he needs to go.

#Encourage Others!



Marietta, GA – “Confidence”

Confidence is about doing something without feeling an ounce of self-doubt!

When you know, you know. When you have truth on your side and you feel what’s right in your heart, you have the self-confidence to accomplish anything.



Embrace the burden of privilege

Powder Springs, GA – “Embrace the burden of privilege”

As an American, when did it become fashionable to be average? Are we meant to just exist or to create? To become exceptional.

If we truly become what we think about most of the time, then think big, grand, and purposeful. Think about the many talents, gifts and advantages you have been given.

Embrace the privileges that you have and create something. Everyone of us has talents and gifts that can be applied to serve others and promote peace.

Just being an American is a privilege that should bear responsibilities. Will America ever be perfect? No, but its citizens can use its greatness to share with the world the blessings we have been given. The United States has so many resources that have been bought and paid for by patriots that wanted our country to be exceptional.





$100 Challenge Repeat

Marietta, GA – $100 Challenge

I wrote a post a few years ago challenging readers to test a giving back philosophy.
The feedback was fantastic and encouraging. I would like to do it again and put even more skin in the game.

If you will join me in doing this experiment for an entire year and promise to provide feedback, then I will match your initial gift and we will see if this challenge can go viral and extend all over the earth. How cool would it be to find good things being done for others in different continents and far-flung countries?

Here’s how it works..
1.- Set aside a predetermined amount of money, say $50 or $100 USD to start.
2.- Anonymously give away the money to someone in need or distress.
3.- Get a notebook to record your gifts, and to track your unexpected returns.
4.- When money comes back to you in unexpected ways, write the date and amounts down in the notebook.
5.- Then give away again the money, or at least half of the money, that has come back to you.

For example, I overheard a waitress one night worrying out loud to a coworker about how she was going to have trouble making her rent and pay her utility bills. I had just visited the ATM earlier in the day so I had some extra money in my pocket. Giving away a $100 tip is a lot, I understand that, but as I was leaving the parking lot, I looked back and saw her crying as she cleared the dishes. A couple of days later, I received a $500 check in the mail from an account that was “audited” and found to be an overpayment from more than a year earlier! So what did I do? I double-downed and gave away the $500. A few weeks later, at my annual review, I got a substantial raise. This has continued for many years. Eventually I stopped recording the unexpected returns and just assumed they would continue. And they did.

Will you try this experiment with me? If I could match the gift that you are willing to put in? Will you take the challenge and record the results, and report them back to me so that we can get an idea of how much of an impact has been made in the lives of others?

Send me an email if you want to participate in this challenge. It will be a lot of fun and interesting to see if the “Law of Giving” works as the ancient texts say. I will post some updates as I get them. May God bless you for blessing others.


-Bryan Wilson