Embrace the burden of privilege

Powder Springs, GA – “Embrace the burden of privilege”

As an American, when did it become fashionable to be average? Are we meant to just exist or to create? To become exceptional.

If we truly become what we think about most of the time, then think big, grand, and purposeful. Think about the many talents, gifts and advantages you have been given.

Embrace the privileges that you have and create something. Everyone of us has talents and gifts that can be applied to serve others and promote peace.

Just being an American is a privilege that should bear responsibilities. Will America ever be perfect? No, but its citizens can use its greatness to share with the world the blessings we have been given. The United States has so many resources that have been bought and paid for by patriots that wanted our country to be exceptional.





Building Great Teams

Marietta, GA – Building Great Teams!

My old friend #BobKyle shared with me this morning his secret to building great teams.

1.- Enable your team with good tools,

2.- Empower your team by giving autonomy with authority and,

3.- Encourage your team to embrace change and enjoy the ride!

Doing these three things will make your teams more productive and allow people to stretch their talents.

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