ROI and promotions using e-mail

Here is an excellent quote by Joel Comm that hammers home the new marketplace of the 21st century:

In 2006, according to the DMA, every dollar spent creating and sending an e-mail with a promotional offer generated $57.25 in return.  By 2009, that ROI had fallen to $43.62.  But that’s still twice the amount earned from search-based advertising.  (By way of comparison, the ROI of traditional, mailed catalogs was estimated at just $7.32)”  p.142 Joel Comm,  KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays, 2010

5 thoughts on “ROI and promotions using e-mail

  1. Internet marketing had grown by a million miles since day one. But we are yet to achieve or experience its full potential. Joel Comm’s statement only proves that we have gone far when we speak about ROIs and email marketing.

  2. Thanks for sharing those facts. Internet is indeed the new marketplace of the 21st century and its dynamic nature fuels its continuous growth. I’m glad we are all part of its development too.

  3. I go for email marketing, its so much more convenient than the traditional counterpart. Plus, just think of all the trees we save in sending emails instead of mailed in catalogs!

  4. Wow! Just looking at the figures Joel gave, I am amaze how email marketing has yet to finally eradicate traditional mailed in catalogs for good. Oh well, there is still a part of the market which prefers mailed in catalogs.

  5. Online businesses are growing by every minute, it is indeed the 21st century . marketplace. It is global with every sense of the word. The facts say it all, that amount of return is just awesome!

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