5 Factors for Success in Sales

I recently attended a day long sales seminar by John Asher (www.AsherStrategies.com).  It was a terrific overview of sales and typecasting the high performing sales professional.

The 5 Factors for Success in Sales are:

1.  Product Knowledge – They know their business, their client’s business and their competitors’ business extremely well

2. Aptitude – They are born with a natural talent for sales

3. Skills – They know and use the proven top ten selling skills

4. Motivation – They are self-motivated, are in the right type of position to continually sell

5. Sales Process – They are already working in companies that have best-practice branding, marketing, sales and customer relationship processes to support them.

AND……they have the values and discipline to follow through

– Dr. Larry Craft

One thought on “5 Factors for Success in Sales

  1. I totally agree with you. Some people are born with this talent for sales. They do not have to work hard for selling things, they just open their mouth to talk and this way they immediately convince people to buy their goods.

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