My best friend, Jim Schimpf, struck up a conversation with a gentleman on a plane from Dallas (I think the gentleman’s name was Tom Sloan), who gave an acrostic on what Leadership is. Take a moment and think through what leadership means to you:

  • Listens – a leader listens intently and asks good questions
  • Ethical – a leader is ethical in all his/her activities and actions in personal and professional environments.
  • Analytical – a leader analyzes details to better understand the situation
  • Driven – a leader is driven to be excellent
  • Energy – a leader has energy and enthusiasm, sometimes known as charisma
  • Responsibility – a leader doesn’t hide behind others but takes responsibility
  • Shares – a leader will share success with others and deflect accolades to the team while serving the needs of his teammates.

Here is quick 2 min video that helps explain leadership and I hope that you continue to reach for your dreams.

Encourage Excellence,


2 thoughts on “LEADERSHIP defined

  1. This post really got me thinking about what makes leaders great, and what causes them to lose credibility with their followers. I really think that two of the items you mentioned are critical to the success of a leader: Ethics and Sharing. I think of how disappointed I’ve been when I’ve learned something unethical that someone I’ve admired has done and how it really affects the confidence that I have in them. Sharing accolades is so important, too, since no one is successful all on their own. We all have people around us helping and supporting us in our goals.

    Great post!!

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