Today’s Reading: Paper vs. Digital

paper versus digitalSuccess Magazine has featured an article canvassing today’s readers on their preference of paper versus digital reading. Interestingly, the survey indicated that today’s readers of all ages prefer reading paper books over electronic versions.  New research, however, has yielded that older readers are more likely to experience more difficulty processing information read in printed books.  

German researchers measured eye movements and coordinating brain activity, as subjects read paper books, tablets, and online material from a desktop or standard laptop.  While those ages 21-34 displayed an equal level of competence with each reading method, readers ages 60-77 needed less time and brain activity when reading on a tablet, as opposed to paper copies, or other media.

These results have furthermore suggested that older readers may benefit from the enhanced contrast, which has become a standard feature in all tablet devices.

I would love to hear your thoughts as to your reading format preference.  Never stop reading and learning, and encourage excellence everyday!

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