The Truth About Trust

The Truth About TrustBy: Suzanne Ostrander

David DeSteno, Ph.D. argues that the decision to trust is a risk worth taking.  In his recent publication, “The Truth About Trust”, DeSteno, a Northwestern University psychology professor, argues that the notion of trust “affects how we learn, love, take care of our health, and conduct business”.  According to DeSteno, the”human longing to believe in another person’s integrity and reliability” is an exhaustive, yet ongoing subject of research for researchers, doctors, and other professionals in the field of psychology.  In “The Truth About Trust” DeSteno suggests that the benefits of trusting another far outweigh the risks in situations that would not normally arouse suspicion.

In other words, while it is often wise to be cautious, being too paranoid will only harm your relationships in the long run.  This advice seems simple enough, yet most people could benefit from hearing it.

If you have read this book or are familiar with this author, I would love to hear your thoughts!  Remember to encourage excellence today and everyday.

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