Knowledge and Education

Marietta, GA – Knowledge, and Education

A note from an old college friend #DarrenKorn reminded me of an interview of Father Malichi Martin where he said the purpose of education is to 1. Learn critical thinking and 2. Communicate effectively.

girls-on-desk-looking-at-notebook-159823With these 2 learned skills, a person can gain the knowledge to change themselves and the world. Without these skills, students are just attending school. That’s why the primary grades are so critically important. Our civilization’s future, and especially our economy, depends on an educated workforce.

Are we as a society teaching our children to think critically and then put those thoughts and ideas into words both written and spoken?

accomplishment-ceremony-education-graduation-267885If you’re successful today, thank a parent, teacher or mentor who taught you how to think and act in a way that improved your mind.

NOTE: In 2016, the budget for the US Dept of Education was $68B. That’s $170,000,000 per Federal DOE employee. We can then add the annual budgets for the state and local school systems, colleges, universities and trade schools.



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