Civics, Civility, and Civilization

Kennesaw, GA – re Civics, Civility and Civilization.

people-2567915Polarization seems to be everywhere today and it will probably get worse unless we take the proactive approach of engaging others who might disagree with our own worldview.

I encourage anyone reading this post to reach out to someone who you might disagree with and be civil towards them and genuinely try to understand why their views might be so contrary to yours. There might be very good reasons that you may have never considered.

As I grow older, I have become more liberal in my views toward those less fortunate than myself. Not out of pity but out of indebtedness that I owe to give back to a country that has been so good to me.

Beautiful Woman feeling free in a beautiful natural setting.We, as Americans, have won life’s lottery in many ways by just living in the USA during the current century. Our way of life is the envy of the world and we have a huge responsibility to not squander the opportunities that we have been given.

Be grateful for the blessings that you have and be civil towards others with humility and love. Our civilization will be better off by your willingness to contribute goodwill and not further divide those of us living in the greatest country with the greatest opportunities in the world.



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