Why Middle Schools matter

Marietta, GA – The coming shift in technology is here.

I have a real soft spot in my heart for middle school students. Edwin Mendoza and I are collaborating on a book focused on the future and why the middle schoolers today are going to change our world tomorrow.

153037-OU5TBK-457Students that are between the ages of 12 and 15 are coming into their own identity as they enter the time of life when they will be choosing lasting friendships, career choices, and whether or not they want to attend university or stay closer to home and pick a trade instead. Big choices that will shape their future in a short 3 or 4 year time period.

If young people choose good habits and make positive choices, then their path will become bright and less stressful. If poor choices or negative influences are embraced, then life gets more difficult and uncertain. We really do become what we think about and act upon!

abstract-art-blur-bright-373543One thing that every middle schooler should embrace is the technology and it has shaped our world and will continue to shape our society. Middle school-aged students that embrace technology like blockchain will be ahead of most of their peers and even most college-aged students today. Blockchain will shape our world for the next 50 years in almost every facet of our lives. Incorporating blockchain technology in our government in elections, for example, would reduce fraud and corruption to being almost nonexistent.

We can all follow our passion in whatever path we choose but you can be absolutely certain, technology will be involved in some way. Embrace change. Encourage middle schoolers to change the world. We need them for our future.



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