Focusing on the future: What’s after the pandemic?

man-wearing-face-mask-using-his-phone-in-the-dark-4031909The world is a different place today.  COVID-19 has changed numerous lives and situations, from businesses to nations.  People across the globe have been faced with the unknown countless times during this pandemic and are still currently staring down an unlit tunnel.  Where does the world go from here?

With the pandemic striking worldwide and the media supercharging every piece of news possible, it is sometimes easy to miss debatable discussions about one’s own home.  In this case, the United States of America has taken massive measures in the hopes to decrease the spread of the virus.  These measures entail strong encouragement to stay-at-home or even to mandate lockdowns on certain cities as is the case in Los Angeles.  However, the longer these mandates go on concerning restrictions on leaving homes, operating businesses, and gathering of people, the more people are become antsy.

sad-isolated-young-woman-looking-away-through-fence-with-3808803It is written within out civil liberties that the people hold the right to freedom of assembly.  While I do believe that at this current state the government is still attempting to reign in the spread of COVID-19, will they stall their overarching reach once the pandemic begins to die out?  This question has started to become more frequent as the quarantining orders prevail nearly nationwide.

As mentioned earlier, there are a vast amount of unknowns.  Is the government overstepping their boundaries?  What will life look like after the pandemic?  While these are important and necessary questions, their answers are not known.  Instead of panicking, let us, the people, make the needed changes to be aware of what is happening in our nation to better prepare for whatever the future may hold.

By Kasey Eister


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