If you ain’t growing….

Kennesaw, GA – Always be Growing

“If you ain’t growing, then you be dying” was a phrase I heard growing up by a wise daughter of a share cropper from Mississippi. I didn’t quite understand it at the time but later realized the wisdom from such a comment.

We need more Miss Lorettas in the world. She may have had very little formal education but her wisdom was immense. If we aren’t striving to become more productive and to contribute to our society (Village), we will become consumers of other people’s efforts.

We’ve heard that it takes a village and everyone in it plays a part but let’s make sure we are on the giving side of the equation and not the taking side. When too many people expect others to provide, the village becomes a ghetto.

Encourage everyone to contribute and give of their time, talents and treasure for the benefit of the village and it will come back to each of us in many different ways. Make the effort to make good choices and let every small decision stand on its own as an excellent one. You will be an extraordinary person.

Bryan E Wilson



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