Kennesaw, GA – Our destiny is in our hands

Being a good Presbyterian is difficult when we see so much evil and lawlessness today. I know I need to trust God and his sovereignty but good people have to step forward and engage! We don’t understand God’s plan but perhaps it’s us that is the plan. And doing nothing is unacceptable.

As a child of God, we are heirs to the Kingdom and our current society seems to be going down the wrong path. Using our talents and collective minds to effect positive change should be our goal for society. Burning buildings and destroying property is not the answer and remaining silent while thugs and hooligans loot and riot does nothing positive.

We have to embrace law and order for our society and encourage everyone to engage in the process of legislating change, not destroying the society that is the envy of the world. We are not perfect but we can walk toward a “more perfect union” if we apply Civility and dialog to accomplish a better United States.



One thought on “Civility

  1. Bryan,

    Perhaps you may be missing some of the root causes of the recent destruction of property and lawlessness:

    * systemic racism (more than just black/white… multicultural issues) * killing of civilians by police/excessive force * militarization of police departments (tanks/military equipment) * unwillingness to set a table for civil discussion and airing of grievances

    As a people, we must all collectively examine these issues TOGETHER and make crucial adjustments to our processes of maintaining law and order in our society. We cannot pretend this violence is not happening. We must acknowledge and correct these systems to bring reconciliation, not more violence. We need more civil discussion.

    My two cents.


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