Love the Present Moment

Kennesaw, GA – Love the Present Moment

Trevor Moawad and Dr. Bob Rotella work with elite athletes that are outliers within their chosen sports.

NEGATIVITY is Powerful And THIS is How You BEAT It | Trevor Moawad

World’s Premier Sports Psychologist | Dr Bob Rotella

What both have found is a common thread that is remarkable. The best of the best performers have a way to hyper focus on executing the present moment.

Trevor calls this focus on the present “Neutral Thinking” and Dr. Rotella calls this focused “Single mindedness”.  There are no positive or negative thoughts.  The current moment (Present or NOW) is just is what it is. Neutral.

When elite performers are in the zone, they focus on what do to next. In the present. NOW.

Not what might have happened yesterday or celebrating a victory tomorrow but what exactly is needed to be done right now.

Think of two recent examples.

1.- Tom Brady was playing in the 2017 Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons and found his team trailing 28-3.  What happened in the second half was unbelievable.  The New England offense coalesced around Tom into a single-minded unit to hyper focus on executing perfectly the next play, stringing together series after series to score 31 unanswered points to win 34-28 in OT.

2.- Tiger Woods has won the Master Golf Tournament 5 times. Playing against the very best golfers in the world, he won the 1997 Masters with a score of 18 under par! What we saw was someone who can be so “in the zone” that nothing seems to happen other than the very next shot’s strategy and execution.

I encourage you to become your best self.  Do the little things well in the present moment that propels you toward your goals.

Your efforts will not be in vain. I assure you.



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