Customers Come First

Marietta, GA – Customers Come First

Over the years I have had many folks use different phrases to emphasize our need for Revenue.

Here are a few of my favorites….

“Nothing happens around here until someone sells something!” Dave H.

“Revenue and Margin are the only two things we care about!”  Kevin E.

“Our paychecks are made possible by paying Customers.” John K.

“Even Government agencies need paying Customers called taxpayers.” Scott M.

So, the bottom line is this…

Money makes the world go around. Whether we call it revenue, sales, contributions, taxes, or even gifts. Even in today’s “WOKE” business environment, all companies need revenue via cash flow to promote their political agendas, pay employees, owners and/or stockholders. Before we can get political, we need to be cash flow positive.

Remember, we can’t manage an organization unless there is money coming in to manage. Back in the 1990’s, our paper paychecks at GE had a printed comment in the top margin that said, “this check is brought to you by our Customers.” Keep this in mind when you think about your business and growing your revenue. Customers come first.

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