Buddy LaRosa, A True Hall of Famer

Today’s post is for the Cincinnati friends and family out there.
I’ve met Buddy Larosa (https://www.larosas.com/about/history.aspx) a few times when having lunch at the Boudinot Ave location. His large personality and engaging warmth was infectious as he pulled up a chair and sat with us for 30 min and of course, offering the children with us jobs in his restaurants as soon as they become teenagers and attending high school.

But what I absolutely love about Buddy LaRosa is a quote that he had posted on his wall that sums up his personal motto in business. “Good – Better – Best. Never rest until your good is better and your better is best.” This commitment to continuous improvement has inspired Buddy to build a pizza empire in the Cincinnati and become a household name in the Queen City.

We should all strive to improve ourselves everyday with small incremental choices. These small improvements create the flywheel effect that prepares us for larger, more important decisions that will shape our minds and “edit our future” that I talk so much about.


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